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Various Online Casino Bonuses

The range of casino bonuses is huge, meaning there are as many benefits as possible. The most common casino bonuses are most often free spins and deposit bonuses, but many casino sites also offer nonsticky bonuses, risk-free bonuses, cashback bonuses and, a little less often, even the desired completely free bonuses. Online casino bonuses with details always vary from casino to casino. Indeed, casino bonus selections can vary greatly one casino only offers a cashback program and another offers daily changing bonuses and promotions. However, many casinos offer a mix of a few different bonus types.

Nonsticky bonuses
Nonsticky bonuses are more common bonuses in recent years. However, nonsticky does not mean so much the bonus itself as the way the bonus is used. These casino bonuses can be discarded at any time if they wish and withdraw their winnings from their own deposit. This is often not possible with other bonuses, as the deposit is often a prisoner as long as the bonus redemption requirement is met.

Free spins
Free spins are common and coveted bonuses at online casinos. They can be given as deposit bonuses as well as without a deposit. Free spins usually refer to game rounds for slot games. Free spins can be distributed in up to hundreds of songs at a time and are always intended for use in a specific slot game. Their betting limit usually varies between 10 and 20 cents. Sometimes there are also rarer mega-rounds with higher stakes.

Free play money
Free play money is, as the name implies, completely free play money that does not require a deposit. Free play money is a rare but coveted bonus. It is most often given to new players at the time of registration and is often up to €10. Free play money almost always bonuses money, meaning it is subject to a wagering requirement and other same rules as bonuses.

Risk-free bonuses
Risk-free casino bonuses are slightly less common bonuses at online casinos. The details of risk-free bonuses always vary according to the offers, but they usually mean a risk-free first deposit for new players. For example, the casino may promise to repay a player’s deposit if the player fails to double their first deposit within a certain period of time. With such a bonus, a player often cannot lose their money.

Cashback bonuses
Cashback is a program that is especially familiar to instant casinos. A cash refund usually means a portion of the losses to be repaid. However, some casinos also pay a refund on winnings. The cash refund is usually paid weekly and is typically between 10 and 15%. Cashback is quite often pure money with no bonus terms, but depending on the casino, it can also be paid out as bonus money. See casino cashback bonuses.

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