Video Poker

Video poker combines the popular genre of five-card poker with the world of slot machines. Although video poker is similar to slot machines, the game has two major differences: strategy is required and better odds are offered. If you would like to learn more about video poker, you are more than welcome to read one of our many articles.

Below you can see our most recommended casinos with video poker.

The classic ‘floor game’

As a hybrid between poker and slot machines, video poker was created as a game that depends on both skill and luck. When playing slot machines luck is required to win, but in video poker you need to learn and practice the correct strategy.

It is difficult to find the payout percentage on a slot machine and it is usually much lower than for video poker. Video poker typically offers payout percentages of 95%, and there are even some variations that offer over 100%.

Online video poker

Video poker reached a whole new audience in the 1990s when it was offered on the Internet for the first time. This debut meant that players all over the world could play from the comfort of their own living room. The advantage of online video poker is that you never have to wait for the best machines, unlike in a live casino, where the machines with the highest payout rates are always occupied.

In addition, online games also provide access to special promotions and bonuses that are only offered on the Internet. If you are interested in playing online poker, we recommend that you use the list of casinos that you will find above.