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Online casino players who are regular and professional gamblers because they bet much higher stakes every day than most are also known as high rollers. These players can enjoy some great online casinos, as most online casinos offer VIP bonuses or as they are also known: Loyalty programs. These are bonuses focused on players who are always active and betting big. If you’re a high roller but don’t know about the VIP bonus yet, don’t worry because in this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about the loyalty program.

The VIP Bonus or Loyalty Program as it is called in some online casinos are varied bonus packages offered to players who are always more active within the casino and used to betting higher than average amounts. It is an exclusive bonus that encompasses several bonuses and the player can only enjoy it if invited by the online casino, the casino only invites selected players who meet the casino’s requirements, such as wagered amounts, platform time and prizes won. In addition to bonuses, the player can also compete for exclusive online casino prizes ranging from appliances to cars to international travel to chic events. The whole process varies according to the player’s level which increases according to playing time, number of bets and amount wagered within the online casino.

Conditions for receiving the VIP Bonus and Loyalty Program
The conditions to receive the VIP bonus or loyalty program are always a point forgotten by online casino players, which is bad since the conditions show exactly what the player can or cannot do to make the best use of the bonuses that are within the VIP bonus. At this point, the player must carefully observe the Terms & Conditions document that all online casinos have and where he will find all the conditions for using the VIP bonuses and the loyalty program. We will list and explain the main conditions below:

The minimum amount moved per month
Only players with a large volume of real money moved in the online casino can be included in the VIP bonus and therefore each casino sets its minimum amount moved per player month to select those who can be in the loyalty program.

Monthly presence on the online casino platform
Players need to be active and present at the online casino with a certain frequency that the online casino requires the player to qualify for the VIP bonus.

Total bets placed monthly
The jackpot is also one of the conditions for the player to join the loyalty program, each online casino games sets a minimum monthly wager amount the player must have made to be accepted in the VIP bonus.

Rollover casino deposit bonus
Rollover is an old condition and well known by most online casino players, in cases of special deposit bonus for the player within the VIP bonus, rollover is the number of times the player must wager before being able to withdraw, this rollover is smaller than the traditional one on other bonuses.

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