What are Wilds & Scatters in Online Slots?

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Wilds & scatters are features that you find in almost every online slot. These features increase the number of ways in which a player can win & also the max exposure. So what is the difference between a wild & scatter? You can think of wilds as the joker in a pack of cards. You never know what to expect & something exciting may arise when wilds are present. Slot players love seeing the wilds that need to be hit as this will increase the chances of a huge winning! The paytable will show which wilds to look for in an online slot. Wilds help out to link up symbols in order to active 1 or multiple pay lines.

Scatters are symbols that activate bonus worlds, online free spin worlds & other cool features that the game may have. It is always exciting to see the game features of an online slot as this is where you can test the creativity of the game provider! It is important for the slot provider to be innovative and think outside the box when working on these features.

Features of Online Slots:

Look for High Volatile Slots: High volatile slots mean that there would not be as many winnings as a low volatile game but every time there is a winning it would be of a much larger winning. VIP players tend to choose these slots since there is a much larger chance of winning some juicy amounts on these types of slots. The volatility of a slot is usually measured on a scale-out of 5. So if you see a slot game with a volatility of? then it is a high volatile game.

Be aware of the Return To Player (RTP): The RTP describes the percentage of all the money wagered that will be returned to the player over a period of time. The RTP usually ranges from 92-to 97%, so the higher the RTP is the better it is for the player over a long period of time. For example, if the RTP of an online slot is 97% and the player spins the slot 100 times at €1 each spin then the player should technically expect a winning of €97.

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency explains how often the slot game will result in a winning combination as opposed to a losing combination. The higher the hit frequency then the more likely you are to hitting a winning combination.

Free Spin World: A free spin world is activated when you hit a number of free spins scatter symbols in the base game. It will always specify the number of free spin symbols that you will need to hit the free spin world. For example, 3 free spin symbols will give you 8 free spins & 4 free spins will give you 12 free spins. In this free spin world, it is common to see wilds in order to make this free spin feature more exciting for the player. It also increased the chances of a higher winning!

Bonus Game: Much like a free spin world, the bonus world will have bonus scatter symbols giving you the chance to enter the bonus world. A bonus world will have exciting payouts with multipliers in the 1000s!

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