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What is a casino bonus

The casino bonus can be given either as a reward for a deposit, i.e. money transfers, or sometimes less often as a reward for registering. Deposit bonuses are the most common bonuses in online casinos and are usually free spins and bonus money. Such casino bonuses may be available to both new and old players, depending on the casino. A few casinos also reward just for registering at the casino. This bonus is usually a much smaller advantage than the deposit bonus for example, ten free spins. Bonuses can also be obtained, for example, through a loyalty program. Some casinos also add bonuses occasionally for no reason to the player’s account to entice them to play

How do I redeem the casino bonus?
There are different ways to redeem casino bonuses, although they all have the same basic principles. However, the most important thing is to always read the instructions and terms of each Bonus Offer carefully, as they explain the redemption instructions. Bonus terms can usually always be found on a separate page on the casino site about promotions and bonuses. Casinos usually have a page where they have put together all their bonuses and other promotions.

Depending on the casino, the bonus can be redeemed from the promotion page by clicking on redeem and following the instructions or from the deposit page when making a deposit. In this case, the bonus is selected, for example, by clicking on the requested item or entering the required bonus code. The bonus code can be found on the promotion page or from the casino’s customer service. Sometimes the bonus may also be added to the game account automatically, or it may be found in your game account mailbox or personal offers.

The importance of reading the bonus terms cannot be stressed enough as they vary a lot. For example, bonuses may have a wagering requirement of which the player is unaware. In addition, the bonus can often not be redeemed by all payment methods, which many players have not even come up with. Neteller and Skrill are payment methods that often cannot be used to redeem bonuses. Online casino bonuses may also include, for example, a profit cap.

Most casino bonuses have a wagering requirement that is quite often 20-40 times. The amount of the recycling requirement varies with the offers, but casinos also have a general recycling requirement that applies unless otherwise stated. The wagering requirement means that the deposit bonus and sometimes the deposit itself as well as the winnings of the free spins must be wagered at the casino by playing for a certain amount before the winnings earned with the bonus can be withdrawn. Bonuses almost invariably also have betting limits. In free spins, the bet is always pre-set to a certain amount, meaning players cannot adjust it themselves. When playing with bonus money, the player can adjust the bonus up to a certain amount. This amount is often five euros. Playing with too many bets will result in the player losing their bonus and the amount won with it.

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