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What is a Non Sticky Bonus

However, as this is a relatively recent phenomenon, the majority of players may not yet be familiar with what non sticky bonuses are. Let’s start before delving into the topic with the ironclad version, ie the non sticky bonus is an offer where the player has the opportunity to play first with their own deposit and discard the bonus as long as the game is still played through their own funds at

In principle, therefore, the keys are more in the hands of the customer, as he is given more opportunities and freedoms than usual to manage his own non-sticky bonus. The biggest advantage, then, is that the player always plays first with their own money and only then with bonus money, but the bonus can always be withdrawn before a single cent of it has been spent.

If you are lucky and are able to get on the path to winning with your own money, it makes no sense for you to start taking over play money and at the same time subjecting your winnings to recycling requirements and other rules. So the non sticky bonus gives you, as if in Monopoly terms, a free get out of jail card that also allows you to get rid of the bonus terms, conditions and requirements. So you can even cash out your winnings right away without the hassle.

What kind of Non Sticky bonuses are on offer

Non sticky bonuses are not just one particular form of promotion, but actually reflect more on the mechanics and terms of these bonuses, which are consistent and distinctive for that category of promotions across the board at all online casinos.The most common non sticky bonuses are, of course, deposit bonuses, which are familiar to all people with the Guarantee. The amount of the bonus is stated in the usual way, so that the amount of the consideration is given as a percentage and the maximum amount of the bonus can be determined. For example, one of the most common bonuses for the first deposit is a 100% bonus up to €100. This means that the casino pays 100% extra on your own deposit, ie puts one euro up to 100 euros for each of your own euros.

In this case, the difference between a non sticky bonus only means that you always play first with your own money and only then with a bonus that is freely redeemable until your own money is played out. The non sticky deposit bonus is certainly the most common deal that several online casinos offer to their new customers. In addition to this, there may also be so-called half sticky bonuses, which we discussed in more detail above. These offers work so that winnings made with the bonus and real money can be cashed out before the redemption requirement is met, but the bonus capital and the relative profit earned from it will be void. If a player has € 100 of his own and € 100 in bonus money, as well as €200 in winnings, he can withdraw a total of €200 and €200 will be lost.

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