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What is cashback bonus

The bonus offer at online casinos is constantly diversifying, bringing with it many interesting offers alongside traditional welcome bonuses. One of these is the cashback bonus, which means that the casino returns a certain percentage of the game money lost to the player. The advantage of cashback bonuses, for example, on one-time deposit bonuses is that they are usually continuous. A cash refund is available every week or, at Cashback bonuses therefore comfortably offer long-term savings, although at first glance they may seem to have a worse advantage than regular welcome bonuses. However, cashback is a noteworthy type of bonus that you should look into.

What cashback bonus is best?
Of course, what kind of cashback bonus is best for you depends on your own style of play. Have you come to the casino to return for a longer period of time or just collect the welcome bonuses? Are you playing on a big or small budget? These questions have an impact on which cashback is best for each type of player. The starting point for everything is, of course, the percentage of cash rewards for all players. The fairly traditional cashback bonus is thus 10% of net losses. If you play for €100 and lose everything, you get € 10 back. The next most important factor is the amount up to which a cashback is available. If you are playing for big money, it is important to you that the maximum amount is as high as possible. If you are playing for a small amount of money instead, this will not matter so much, as you will not exceed the maximum refund amount.

A short payout interval is also an essential consideration when comparing cashback bonuses. Most commonly, the cash credit is paid once a week, but it can also be paid every day. In addition to these, some casinos also offer cash refunds for each round, but their return percentage is usually only 0.5%. The best cashback bonuses are of course non-recyclable. In this case, the cashback will not be transferred to your bonus fund but directly to your game account as free play money that you can withdraw at any time. It’s also worth noting that many casinos offer their own cashback bonuses for VIP customers.

New cashback bonuses
Cashback bonuses are especially common at Many casinos want to simplify their bonus offerings, so a cashback is a good fit for this fashion. The newest entrants in the casino market generally offer tough bonuses to compete for players. These new casino benefits include tougher cash returns. Many of the new cashback bonuses are very competitive with traditional deposit bonuses and are well suited for those players who want to lower their risk of losing a bit in the long run. New cashback bonuses are most commonly 10% cash refunds payable weekly or daily. Other newer cashback schemes are also available, such as a per-cash cash rebate.

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