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What is Online Casino Deposit Bonus

There are hundreds of online casino sites, all of them competing with each other for a few hundred new casino players and undecided gamblers every day. The competition is huge and for online casinos, it is a real challenge to stand out among so many options. This is where bonuses are used, bonuses are the main tool used by online casinos to attract and retain players on their platforms. They are perfect because they can be offered in different formats, types and especially values, some bonuses are even free. The most easily found bonus that every player can find in online casinos is the deposit bonus. They are great for increasing the player’s chances of winning in their bets and games.

How does the online casino deposit bonus work?

Deposit bonuses are bonuses offered by many of the online casinos that give the player an extra value proportional to the amount that the player deposits in the casino with a certain maximum bonus amount, of course. The proportional value can be found in different values in different casinos, they can range from 20% to 200%.

In other words, the deposit bonus is an addition to the amount that the casino player deposits into their online casino account. The player just needs to be aware of the casino’s bonus conditions, we’ll talk more about that in the topics below. Let’s give it a better example: If you are a registered player at an online casino that offers a deposit bonus of 100% of the deposit amount and you make a deposit of £200, the online casino will add £200 to your account and you will result in a total of £400 to use within the online casino.

Types of deposit bonuses
Deposit bonuses are offered in some common types, if you already have some online casino experience you may have already seen them.

Welcome bonus: It is the most common and generous deposit bonus of an online casino, players who have just registered in the online casino can receive a nice bonus on their first deposit.
Free Spins Bonus: For random deposits made by the player, some online casinos offer deposit bonuses that add free spins to the player’s account. It is important in these cases to be aware of casino conditions that may limit spins for specific games.
Bonus for payment method: This deposit bonus comes from the partnership between the online casino and a payment platform and therefore, deposit bonuses made using the payment platform disclosed are offered.

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