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Apart from the pluses, there are undoubtedly a few drawbacks. It is not known what about the application for ios devices, although most players use android smartphones. Moreover, it is a good responsive website. Certainly difficult to trade – although financially attractive – is the casino bonus as well. Have you ever wondered what the gambling law really looks like today. We will thoroughly analyze the legal regulations in our country and focusing on legal online casinos. We will compare the legislation and check if native players are free to use multiple online casinos or are limited to only one game.

Certainly not everyone knows that radical legal regulations do not always have to be respected. In order to answer the question whether every casino is always legal, two important issues need to be discussed at the beginning. Let’s start with a strict definition of a casino game. To call a website a casino, we must assume that the company operates. It is based in the republic, or at least is registered in our country. However, we can consider that the online casino game website available in our native language.

In this case, a wide list and many reliable operators to choose from opens up before us. We have one legal online casino period as we can read in the specialist literature: the legitimacy of the existence of a general state monopoly for organizing online casino gambling games should also be considered – the premises on which the establishment of this monopoly was based do not have a clear empirical basis, and moreover, there are currently no normative solutions in the online casino gambling act which would ensure that such monopoly activity would provide a greater level of security for consumers than that of other gambling operators.

In simpler terms, our government cannot back up a casino monopoly with the right arguments. It actually works against law. Other online casinos should be accepted under the freedom to provide services within. The case in an example of bending the gambling law as it turns out, also has a rather radical approach to gambling law and online casinos. Sporting odds was fined for operating without a license and the fine was brought before the administrative court. According to the court’s ruling, the possibility to obtain authorization to organize games in online casinos only by operators operating a licensed casino located on territory is a discriminatory restriction.

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