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Playing for free for a while always sounds interesting, right? Playing with no deposit casino bonus used to be a bit of a sport for many players. Being rewarded when you play is always nice, but like much else, the chances of getting something for free change. Then why did it happen? This is simply because the casino is now only allowed to offer a bonus when you play for the first time. Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus on the first deposit, instead of a free reward.

There are other opportunities today to get something extra without a deposit. Maybe in reality it is not completely without deposit. Let us instead say that you get something extra in addition to your welcome bonus. The most common rewards is where you can get extra free spins, it will be a kind of reward on your deposit.

The game regulation in 2021, casinos could distribute free rewards without being limited by any team. This made it easier for a casino to attract or retain players on the site. You may remember that you could sometimes even ask in the chat if there were any casino bonuses to take advantage of. It was another time for no deposit bonuses and free spins could occur quite frequently. Unfortunately, this method of rewards is no longer possible at casinos due to the gaming regulations.

A good example of a site that offers something for free without a deposit. When you become a member, you get a certain number of free spins on a selected slot. You can use these free spins when you become a member. The online casino also offers you a small amount for free when you deposit for the first time. The spins you get are included in the welcome offer and you can say that you get them for free without deposit. Casino rewards of this kind can, however, be subject to change, so check with the respective online casino before you play.

In practical terms, we must admit that a casino rewards that gives bonus money is better in many ways. As a player, you can use your bonus money to decide for yourself what you want to use it for, according to the casino’s rules and conditions. Maybe you can play your favorite game or discover new games without additional deposit. Free Spins are always something that is nice to get. The downside is that you usually do not get to decide the game yourself. As we mentioned earlier, spins are usually predetermined on a certain game and at a certain value per spin. When casinos previously handed out spins as a reward, they usually had the lowest possible value of 1 per spin.

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