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Win online casino bonus

Most online casinos are keen to have something that attracts new players, usually in the form of a generous welcome bonus that is added to the total amount of even the very first deposit. New casinos are aware of this and often offer at least as good bonuses as older online that occasionally refine or update their bonus offers to be constantly in the game about the players.

Often you win extra playing time through a bonus or free spins on any slot machine. This is something that is believed to have contributed to more irresponsible gambling and in other cases gambling problems. For this reason, among other things, online casinos have been limited to only one deposit bonus per new player the welcome bonus.

One should therefore not think that it is all gaming companies themselves who have become stingy and chosen to withdraw the bonus money. All to make it easier for players to play responsibly. It is still up to the casino to decide how much to credit each new player, the same applies to wagering requirements and in which games any free spins should apply.

New welcome bonuses
Except when it comes to a first welcome bonus. Several online have probably for that reason chosen to expand their welcome bonus to the greatest extent possible in order to attract as many new players as possible. The competition that exists between different gaming sites and online casinos is undeniably quite large.

Can you get more bonuses?
If a casino has the same owner and is registered on the same license as several other online casinos, you can only receive one bonus per gaming license. By law, casinos may only offer 1 bonus in total per new player and gaming license. You as a player therefore need to choose which casino you want to play at before you choose your bonus. Sad, there are probably more who think. Many players therefore pretend to look for a brand new casino where you can take advantage of a welcome bonus that is not linked to several licenses.

A strategy that works for many, as you, unlike a casino campaign, can decide for yourself exactly what kind of bonus you want and when. However, if you do not keep a close eye on which casinos are under one and the same license, it can feel frustrating when you register at what you think is an individual casino and are denied your welcome bonus. We recommend that you read a bit in our reviews before you decide.

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