Winning Online Poker


Online poker is an amazing worldwide phenomenon. The magic of the Internet has allowed poker players from nearly any country to enjoy playing live poker with players thousands of miles away. Being able to enjoy poker online is clearly a convenience for the casual player, who no longer needs to travel great distances to get to their local casino to play. However, it is also a tremendous boon for professional poker players.

To be a professional poker player, you need to be able to maximize edges. In the years before no-limit poker and tournament poker became popular, would sit for hours, just trying to win that extra bet or two each hour that would make them a winner at the end of the day. These players had a lot to grumble about even if they were winning players. They had to not only battle the others at the table, but they had to deal with expenses such as tipping dealers, paying for parking, and shelling out for food and gas, all of which cut into their precious win rate. On top of this, they had to deal with the casino rake, a percentage removed from each pot to pay the casino for spreading the game.

Online poker changed all that. Now players no longer had to contend with tips or travel. There were no tips or travel because the game was played from home. win rates soared, as did their health in many cases, now that they were no longer subject to the poor conditions in many casinos. However, there was still the matter of the rake.

Just like live casinos, online poker rooms charged a rake to play, often as much as four dollars out of every pot. Professionals offset this in their minds through the fact that they could take advantage of the online poker bonus, additional money added to their account as an incentive to sign up or keep playing on that site. However, once that money was factored in, the rake kept coming.

Online poker sites are now so popular that there is a solution to this problem. To take advantage of rake back, go online and find a poker affiliate that offers a rake back bonus for signing up with a poker site through that affiliate. Look around for the highest percentage of rake back you can get. Once signed up, look for that rake money to be redeposited into your account each month. For a winning player, this is a dream come true. Even for a losing player it. In fact, Rakeback can make the difference between being a losing player and being a winning one.

Rake is a poker affiliate that often offers the best Rakeback deals on the Net. Their site also has other qualities, one being the Rakeback calculator which you can use to get a Rakeback estimate. Poker has dealt with some of the biggest poker networks on the Internet, for instance, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate Bet. The site has a very good reputation and by using RakeBrain you have assured of prompt and accurate payouts as well as the best percentages in the industry.

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