Is Online Roulette Rigged

Online Roulette

Anyone who would have played Roulette ever, either online or in a casino at the Roulette table would have wondered at least for once that ‘Are the Roulette games are rigged’ and when it comes to online Roulette, this doubt is even more escalated. This answer to this question is not as easy, as it seems to be, because in one way Roulette wheels are never rigged, but in another sense, all Roulette wheels are rigged somehow. So, let us analyze in detail whether Online Roulette is fixed or not.

How does an Online Roulette work

When it is said that the Roulette is fixed, that does not mean that it will affect your odds at the table. If you will consider how the outcome of a spin is decided in online Roulette then, you will get to know that, the direction or speed has no connection with the result that appears. In fact, the number to be declared as the result is finalized at the time when you click on the spin button.

Random Number Generator

RNG (Random Number Generator) is the core of the 3D Roulette set. After the ‘spin button’ is pressed, the casino software uses the RNG to choose which number the ball is going to land on. The result is pre-determined and it works like a virtual Roulette (visual representation of number selection) for the player when it appears as if the ball is spinning to land on a specific number. The only exception is with Live Online Roulette, where a real physical wheel is rotated.

On the other hand, we can say that Random Number Technology is technically not completely random, as it is based on an algorithm but this is not a part of the player’s concern. The most important and sole concern of a player is to play with a reputed online casino website who have all of its games externally verified.

Does the casino cheat with Roulette tricks?

If you select a highly reputable and credible online website or application, the results will be fair enough and there would not be any element of cheating or false Roulette practices. The use of RNG protects both the players and the casino as it gives authentic and random results and at the same time, it also protects the wheel from getting hacked.

Roulette Fact

No one can undoubtedly say that online roulette games are rigged or not but most web casinos are legitimated which means their RNGs are audited. All Roulette wheels whether online or in the casino has a house edge built in that is the green zero. This is an advantage for the casinos and the reason for player loses in some situations, so the probability of cheating is low. As we just demonstrated that casino has a profitable edge already without rigging the results, so it is difficult to imagine that casinos actually bother to rig their Roulette games.