Mini Roulette

Roulette Games 2023

There will probably come a time when you are playing Roulette that no matter what numbers you pick they will never spin in! If this is the case how about giving the Mini Roulette game a try, this one only has thirteen possible outcomes on each spin and these are one zero, and the numbers from one to twelve, so you should get an increased chance of actually picking the winning number with fewer of them in play than on a standard Roulette game.

This game is only found in online casinos that have the Playtech range of casino games installed, and you will find it in the Arcade Games menu as opposed to the casino table games menu, so that is where you need to look for it!

You will of course be able to play Mini Roulette in a free play demo mode version, and that is how we recommend you play it, as this game offers very poor value in regards to its payouts and house edge and by playing it for real money it will gradually eat away at it until you have nothing left!

Mini Roulette Bets and Payouts

The payouts and betting options on the Mini Roulette game are slightly different from those found on other variants simply due to there being fewer numbers in play on its wheel, and below in the table, you will find the betting options and payouts awarded for each winning betting opportunity.

When you play the Mini Roulette game online the table stake limits can often vary depending on which online casino you are playing at, however, the usual standard table limits are 1.00 minimum and 20.00 maximum wagers. The chip’s values however can be set as low as 0.01 and as high as 10.00.

We should however point out that the house edge on the Mini Roulette game is one of the lowest ones you will come across on any Roulette variant. As such, the house edge in play is an abysmal 7.69%, making it a must-avoid game for most savvy Roulette players.

Unfortunately due to the simple fact that the house edge on this Roulette variant is so huge, it really is one game that you should avoid playing. Even though there are fewer numbers in play house edge can be very difficult to overcome and there really are much better variants available to play online, so make sure you track down the better-paying games and play those games instead of this one!

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