Poker Tournament Guide

A little about Poker . We are not just another internet poker source of tips , tricks, tactics and guidance Of all the things we love the most at poker is to provide our visitors with all the information they could possibly need for playing internet poker. The first step to internet poker is choosing where to play; now this can be a fairly difficult task considering there are literally hundreds of poker rooms on the internet, not all of them are safe or legit operations and are there just to take your money and run. So we filled off the obvious chaff and set about comparing all the acclaimed top internet poker rooms and choose the best and safest poker rooms to so a little show and tell on. There are lots of considerations behinds the scenes. Prior to clearing a poker rooms to add to our site we do a complete background check and extensive research to make sure that they meet the following criteria:

Only honest, safe and legally operating poker rooms
Verified, financially stable poker rooms
Poker rooms with the best specials and bonuses for players
Do the managers of the site have a favourable track record?
Poker rooms Making sure that the site only runs genuine promotions
Making sure that no local laws are being broken by the operators

And don’t forget to peruse our poker rooms overviews for the top sites. you should find it very helpful for choosing where to play. Our poker reviews include an overview of the poker room with all the important details about the poker rooms itself. Our reviews also include a rating system that takes the top ten factors a person looks for when choosing an internet poker room and rates each from 1 to 10 to give each poker room a score out of 100.

Now that you’ve chosen an internet poker room to play at we still have something to help you with your internet poker experience. We have a complete poker guide that include strategy for all your favorite games, poker odds, poker hands even a section dedicated to free poker with a list of all internet poker freeroll tournaments.