Roulette Odds

The appeal of roulette to many gamblers is based on the huge payout that it offers. This coupled with the fact that the possibility for winning is up to 35 times your original wager. Unlike the other odds for casino games, the odds for winning roulette are easy to compute. This is beneficial because before you play the game you have a rough idea of the odds that you are facing.

It may also be beneficial for you to know that roulette is one of the worst ranked bets of any casino games because of its somewhat long odds of emerging winner. The house advantage for the European version is at 2.7% while for the American Version the odds are at 5.26%. The advantage of the house is derived from the 0 section of the wheel plus the 00 section for the American version. The roulette wheel has 36 slots in addition to the 0 slots.

This shows that someone has better odds of winning if one played the European roulette rather than the American version. While the European version plays out in the same manner as its American counterpart, the odds of winning at the latter are better because it has one less 0 slot. Online casinos are known to offer better odds than the brick and mortar casinos for most online games, roulette included.

The following is a breakdown of the probabilities for each bet in roulette arranged according to bets, best payout odds for each bet and the probability of getting the bet for every spin of the roulette wheel.
Red – 1 to 1 – 46.37%, Black – 1 to 1 – 46.37% ,Even – 1 to 1 – 46.37% ,Odd – 1 to 1 – 46.37% ,1 to 18 – 1 to 1 – 46.37%, 19 to 36 – 1 to 1 – 46.37% ,1 to 12 – 2 to 1 – 31.58% ,13 to 24 – 2 to 1 – 31.58% and 25 to 36 – 2 to 1 – 31.58%.

Consequently, Any one number – 35 to 1 – 2.63% ,Two number combo – 17 to 1 – 5.26% ,Three number combo – 11 to 1 – 7.89% ,Four number combo – 8 to 1 – 10.53% ,Six number combo – 5 to 1 – 15.79% and 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 combo – 6 to 1 – 13.16%.

The payout for bets on single numbers is usually 35 to 1. Actually, you would have to spin the wheel at least 38 times for you to ensure that you do get a win. The hose derives it edge from this fact because 2/38 usually goes to the hose thus securing the house edge of 5.26% over the players.

The presence of the en prison bet would swing the tide slightly into your favor by lessening the house edge to 1.35% which is not bad. This rule will however apply in circumstances where there are money bet which are even. All said and done, it is up to the player to decide on what odds one feels like playing, after all games are all about fun!