Mobile Gambling on the Microgaming Network

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Ever aware of the changing needs of the online casino gambling community Microgaming was quick to identify a developing trend among its younger, trendy and constantly mobile punters. In so doing, it also identified a valuable niche market that is almost certainly destined to grow to epic proportions within a relatively short time frame.

The trend that Microgaming identified was, of course, the incredibly rapid evolution of the humble cellular telephone from a simple communication device into a multi-media, all-purpose, communication and entertainment device. Hand-held, lightweight and capable of operation wherever a cellular network provider is to be found, the mobile phone provided the Microgaming software developers with yet another opportunity to exercise their characteristic innovative flair.

With many millions of mobile phones already in circulation across the globe and a steadily increasing sophistication among users who already employ their phones to send and receive email and faxes, browse the web, and make online purchases, it was a small but brilliant step for Microgaming to offer online gambling facilities over the cellular networks.
BY virtue of its size and technology, the cell phone is subject to certain limitations when compared with a typical personal computer. The smaller screen size and the limited buffering and storage capacity were among the problems that had first to be overcome by Microgaming before they could implement a mobile gaming package. Today, however, several of their newer casinos, among them, the prestigious Platinum Play Casino, are now able to offer this clever alternative to benefit “punters on the move”.

Registration for the mobile option is a simple procedure and requires a user to enter his or her cellular telephone number and the country from which he or she will be playing. Thereafter the punter may select a single game from a menu currently restricted to approximately fourteen assorted games that they would like to download. Following successful completion of the download procedure, the mobile player my now proceed to play the selected game using the phone’s keyboard via an appropriate series of software assigned key functions. Additional games may be downloaded and enjoyed on subsequent occasions.

Generally, mobile users will benefit from precisely the same start-up incentives that are extended to those online players that still employ more convenient connectivity options. The currencies currently supported by the Microgaming mobile casino software are however restricted to Euros and Pounds Sterling.

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