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Before figuring out exactly how to play the slot machines, it is good to figure out exactly which slot to play. Not all machines in online casinos are created equal, but none of them have been created to be fair. You, as the player, knowing that the odds are not in your favor want to choose a machine that will give you the maximum chance to win. How you play is as much of a factor in deciding which machine to play as anything else. If you don’t like putting in the maximum number of coins then there are machines that are not for you. Are you willing to swap a higher potential jackpot for lower odds? These are the sort of things you need to work out before you start gambling.

Before you start to even think about beating the machine you have to understand what you’re dealing with. A slot machine is driven by its random number generator. Your bet starts the wheels in motion, literally. As the reels spin the random number generator chooses three (or more) of the several thousand random numbers which are generated every second. Each number refers to a mapping table to determine at which symbol the particular reel is going to stop. Since the edge the casino gains with these machines vary because of the number of reels, payoff lines and types of machines, choose the best machines based on the following criteria:

Three reels slots always payout better than five reels ones. Your odds are always better at getting three matching symbols than winning by matching 4 or 5 symbols. Progressive slots give you the opportunity to obtain a high jackpot. Here it is important to play maximum coins to attain the highest payoffs if the jackpot justifies that. Many people are reluctant to feed this machine the sheer amount of money it takes to have a chance at a big payoff. If this is the case consider playing progressives with a maximum of two coins bet only.

One-payline slot machines give you less winning frequency than three-paylines slots. However, the latter have much lower payoffs and demand to play three coins per pull which quickly wears out your fortune. Double-up symbols (Wild) are a wonderful boon for any gambler, as a double-up symbol replaces any other at the reel. However, such slots will often reduce the normal payouts because of this benefit. Multi-location progressives are a golden dream of any gambler. They are hundreds of slot machines electronically linked, that contribute to a common jackpot that usually mounts to an astronomical sum.

Bonus feature slots have recently become popular. They can offer bonus features like a bonus spin or the option to hold the reels. Again the more features that a slot machine has, the lower the payouts on the paylines will become. Sometimes a greedy heart is the surest way to riches. Most people naturally gravitate to casino games with the highest possible payout. This is the correct thing to do. The software that was loaded into these machines is programmed to return 85% to 98% of all the money bet back to the gambler (not all at once of course). This means the house take on each machine is 2% to 15%.

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