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It is very important to know that a gamble feature always gives completely fair odds. When you spin the reels of a slot, the odds are instead to the advantage of the online casino/game developer. The size of the advantage follows from the game’s RTP. For slots, it is on average about 96%. In offset or double features, however, the odds are always perfectly even. If you play the crown or piano, you have a 50% chance of doubling your winnings, not for example 48% or 49%. This actually makes the gamble features the only ones at the online casino where over time you play evenly against the house!

It can even be argued that gambling features increase your average payback over time. The Argumentation is based on the fact that for a normal spin in theory you get, for example, 96% in RTP, while in a get rid of or double function you always get 100%. At the same time, it is important to remember that a gamble is of course about everything or nothing. Either you double or you lose everything.

Slot machine tournament
It is no wonder that slot games are the most popular category of games on the net. There are everything from simple online slot machines to advanced video slots with lots of paylines, wagering options and graphically advanced bonus games. As icing on the cake, there is also the opportunity to take part in exciting slot machine tournaments. In these, you can of course win as usual on the machines themselves. The only sure way to know how the tournaments at your particular online casino work are to read on the casino’s website. Many online casinos have recurring tournaments at fixed times, while others offer more spontaneous and unexpected tournaments. Here, however, we go through some general questions about how a slot machine tournament typically works and what you should think about.

What does it cost to participate in a slot machine tournament?

This is a good question that has no simple answer. There are many free tournaments, while others require some form of effort. Some online casinos allow you to collect loyalty points which you can then spend on entering tournaments and the like. Other tournaments are subject to an entry fee which then goes into the prize pool for the tournament. If the tournament costs money, we recommend that you check out what you can win and which games are included. If you think it’s worth it, just honk and drive!

How to win a slot machine tournament?
This is a good question that has a few different answers depending on the tournament in question. To win certain tournaments, you must, for example, take home the highest individual win in a certain slot machine. In other tournaments, the one who has received the highest payout percentage during the tournament wins. Another common variant is that you simply have to turn over most of all the players who participate. Read more on your online casino’s website so you always know what your goal is!

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