American Roulette

American Roulette

The American Roulette variant is sadly dying in popularity, the reasons for its rapid demise are solely down to the fact that there are two zeros on the roulette wheel, and as the payouts for hitting certain numbers and sets of numbers are identical to that of the European version which boasts only one zero, then the house edge on the American variant is much higher, and as such poor value if offered on it.

You can still play this in online and land-based casinos, however, you really will be throwing your money down the drain if you do, as most other roulette variants give you much better chances of winning via the lower house edge offered on these various Roulette games.

There is one unique wager which you will find on the American Roulette betting layout, and this is the five-number bet. This covers the numbers one, two and three along with the single and double zero, however, this is the worst wager you can make on this roulette game as it boasts a house edge of a massive 7.89%.

The house edge on all remaining betting options offered on the American Roulette table is 5.26%, which as we have already stated is very high, more so when you compare it to more commonly found Roulette variants such as French Roulette and European Roulette.

American Roulette Bets and Payouts

There is a range of different betting options you will have available should you decide to play the American Roulette game, and below we have listed them all for you along with the payouts you will get should you place any of these wagers and then have that number or grouping type spinning in.

The table stake limits will vary from online casino to online best casino bonuses and as such should you be looking for low or high roll then it will pay for you to shop around and find a site that offers the table limits you are seeking. However, the most commonly found minimum wager on the American Roulette table is 1.00.

Probably the most sensible tip for us to give you is to not play American Roulette at all, due to its high house edge it is a very unattractive game to play!

But should you decide to play it and you have a casino bonus in your account then be aware that often this game is not permitted to be played with a bonus or may have an increased play-through requirement. So another tip is to always double-check the terms and conditions of any such casino bonus to ensure you can play this Roulette game.

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