Basic Slot Machine Guide

How they work: All slots, whether online or in a casino, work using a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a microchip that is constantly churning out thousands of numbers a second (even when no one’s playing). When you hit to spin the machine takes the next number out which then translates into the position which the reels should stop at, and whether you have won or not! This is the fairest way for slots to work, as it means everyone has the same chance of winning, as no one can ‘trick’ them into paying out.

How to play: Apart from deciding which machine to play the only real decision you have to make is how many coins to play each go? It is generally always best to play the maximum coins, as most machines only give you the best value if you do. This is especially true with progressives (where the BIG jackpots are) as there could be thousands difference in the size of the jackpot. There are some machines where the payable’s are relatively the same however many coins you play. If you only want to play one coin at a time these are the ones for you. Have a look at our reviews as we will point these machines out for you.

Progressive machines: These slots machines differ from normal ones as the jackpots are always building up. Basically every time someone plays one of these machines a small part of their stake goes into the jackpot pushing it up further until someone ‘hits it’ (wins the jackpot). It then resets to its original value and starts building again.

Bonus machines: These are slots that have bonus games. The way the bonus is activated depends on the machine, but you’ll normally have to get a number of symbols on the win line over a number of spins. Then you’ll get the bonus game, which should normally give you a decent prize. It is best to play these games when you can play for a while without interruption as when you leave the game any progress you have made getting toward the bonus will be lost.

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