Online & Land Based Slot Game Variation

Land-based and online slot games do differ, but not in the ways that most gamblers typically imagine. As far as the games themselves go, they share more similarities than they do differences; the majority of the differences come from the modifications made to compensation. This post will underline the variations.

Land-based and Online Slot Machine Comparison

Due to ongoing upgrades being made in online gaming, and specifically its software, online slot machines today are seemingly identical to their land-based games.  In fact, land-based games are now actually more similar to online games; land-based slot machines today incorporate a computer chip (Random Number Generator, or RNG) to determine spin outcomes a process first used by online slot machines. As RNGs are used in both online and land-based slots, the experience that each of these formats offers has become increasingly similar. That being said, there are still a few differences to be had among these slot game varieties.  One major difference is that online slot machines use virtual coins, whereas land-based games accept the real currency. Another key difference is that players can play online slot games whenever they want and from the comfort of their own home, and thus do not have to travel to a casino for their entertainment. Apart from these distinctions, there are also more subtle differences that distinguish online slot machines from land-based slots:

Payout Options

Online casinos are digital and thus have lower operational costs.  Due to this, it allows online slot machines to offer higher payouts on their games.  Thus, players who play slots online have the chance to win higher-grossing wagers and jackpots.  It is also important for the player to know that all reputable online slot casino websites display their winning percentages with their games.  Players should be able to find what their game pays out before beginning play.

Compensation Packages & Bonuses Programs

Historically, online casinos had few compensation programs or systematic bonus schemes for their regular players and tended to look out for their VIP players mainly.  Compensation packages or bonus programs such as free hotel stays, complimentary dining, free trips to a casino, and the like were predominantly visible for land-based casino players, and in many instances still are. 

However, faithful online players today can also benefit from numerous advantages, such as in-game bonuses, cashback on their losses, higher deposit bonuses, VIP points, gifts, and the like as compensation for their loyalty. Still, it’s important for the player to first confirm that the online casino offers such privileges. In addition to player comps, some online slot sites feature bonus programs.  Bonus programs work like this; they allow players to accumulate points by playing more games the more games played, the more points earned.  These points can then be exchanged for credits to use on real money games on the site.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are unique to online slots.  For each game played on a virtual slot machine, a very small percentage of that credit is taken and put aside into a jackpot.  The jackpot will continue to grow until it either reaches its maximum dollar limit or is won.  A jackpot can only be won once a certain combination is hit or made by the player.  Once a jackpot is awarded, the cycle begins again; tallied from new player credits.

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