Online Video Poker

The world of online poker exploded in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The Moneymaker story really is what online poker is all about. Below we have listed out the major online poker rooms and video poker games available online. To learn more about a game or company simply click the name and view game screens, game review, video introduction, where to play and the new member welcome bonuses available from the leading online casinos.

Online Poker Games

The most popular of the online poker games is Texas Hold Em with the majority of online poker players preferring to play the No Limit Poker game as opposed to Pot Limit Poker.

The major difference between the two games is that in No Limit Poker you can bet as much as you like and can go All In while in Limit Poker the Maximum bet is the Pot.

Of course, after a while the blinds rise and you generally have to go All In anyway but at the start of the tournament the Pot Limit game does give you the opportunity to look at as many flops as you like without someone forcing you out of the hand with a silly bet.

Online poker games aren’t limited to just Texas Hold Em. You can play a variety of card games at online poker sites and if you can play the other games at a good level then you can make a fair deal of money with many poker players only really having some understanding of Texas Hold Em because of the coverage it gets on tv.

Omaha is a classic example of this. Because online poker can be a fast paced game online you can often have tournaments with just 100 or so players. You can put a line through 80 of those that can’t possibly win because they are just playing the tournament because it is the next tournament to go so they register for it instead of doing nothing.

That leaves 20 players who can play the game to some respectable level yet the prize money on offer is for 100 players. You’re getting over the odds.

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