Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are an excellent form of bonus, as you can see it as a form of discount on your losses. Here you will learn why you should choose a casino with cashback , how to spot the best cashback’s. We are going to review why cashback’s are good bonuses, what you can use them for, but also what you should be aware of when hunting for bonuses – because when it comes to bonuses – including cashback’s – there can be a big difference in the terms. Just below you will find the best casinos that currently offer cashback.

Why are cashback good bonuses?

Cashback are excellent bonuses because it is a bonus that you can incorporate into your “budget”. You typically know in advance how much you will get in cashback, when it will arrive and what the requirements are. Therefore, you can know with a fairly high degree of certainty what you can expect to receive in your account. In addition, many cashback casino sites also offer that you can increase your cashback percentage – typically as part of a loyalty program, where your cashback percentage increases as you play. In this way, you can build up a fairly large cashback percentage over time.

Where to find Cashback casinos?

You can find casinos with cashback in many places, but as with many other bonuses, you typically get bigger bonuses at a foreign casino without mitid than you do at the country ones. Generally speaking, there can be many advantages to playing at a foreign casino. Typically you get bigger bonuses and a better selection of games.

Loss Limits for Cashback

Typically, there will be limits associated with your cashback bonus – especially in relation to how much you must have lost as a minimum in order to get a cashback. It is important to be aware of these limits, as it would be a shame to land a few kroner below the limit, in order not to be able to get a bonus paid anyway. The limits for your cashback can also vary in relation to the loyalty program, just as the percentage itself can. Often you will get a lower limit the more you bet at the casino.

Betting claims for Cashback

Many casinos have a lower wagering requirement – ​​also called play through requirement or turnover requirement – ​​on the bonuses you get on a cashback. This is of course because it is a bonus you get based on money you have already lost. Thereby, the casino can afford to lower the wagering requirement without it being too hard on its finances.

At many casinos without rofus, there is no wagering requirement at all, which means that you can in principle withdraw the money directly to your bank account. And vice versa, there are some casinos where you have to convert your cashback a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money. It is of course important to be aware of the rules at the casino you are considering playing at. If you can’t see it in the bonus’s description, you should be able to find the information you’re looking for in the casino’s bonus terms, or general terms. Alternatively, you can contact the casino’s customer service – which is often available via live chat and email.