Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most popular types of casino bonuses on the market. Partly because it is a relatively cheap form of bonus for the casino due to the games’ built-in house advantage, but also because the players get the opportunity to exchange their free spins for bigger wins than you could possibly get as a match bonus (who doesn’t dream of winning it big jackpot on a free spin?) – So in many ways free spins are a win-win for both parties.

How can I get free spins at a casino?

You typically also find free spins in many different guises – they are frequently used in both welcome bonuses , where they either stand alone or together with a match bonus, but are also very popular as bonus benefits for loyal players, and as part of campaigns if the casino for example has started a collaboration with a new provider. Therefore, you can often be lucky to be awarded some free spins.

Time limit for Free Spins

Everything in life has an end – and that also applies to the deadline for when you must have used your free spins. As a player, it is important to be aware of this time limit, as otherwise you may risk “burning out” with a number of spins.

It is also important to be aware of whether the bonus requires you to play up ALL your free spins before you can get the bonus, or whether it is just the remaining spins that are forfeited. It would be a shame to get 300 free spins and then lose your bonus because you are missing the last 4 spins.

This time limit – like the other conditions and requirements we touch on here in the article, will typically be described with the bonus when you cash in your spins, and otherwise the casino will have a page for their bonus terms, where it should be described. If none of these works for you, you can of course also contact the casino’s customer service for help.

Gambling restrictions on Free Spins

You will often find that there are certain restrictions in relation to the selection of games when it comes to free spins. Therefore, you must also consider whether the free spins apply to the games you like – or whether you might want to try something new. It is important to be aware of this as it will be quite sad to spend a long time playing a game only to find out that your spins do not count as it was not the right one.

This applies especially if the casino has some special campaigns, as in these cases you can often see that these campaigns cover a single game or a single game developer. However, one should not be discouraged by the fact that one’s favorite game may not be on the list, as this can be an obvious opportunity to try something new. It is just important that you are aware of what the bonus covers.