What Happens to No Deposit Bonus Winnings?

No Deposit Bonus

While there are certainly many people who register at many different sites and only play with the no-deposit bonus, then move on to another new site. There is very little chance they can withdraw their no-deposit winnings and this actually makes it unfair to other players. The winnings become tied up in accounts that may never be used again and it is for this reason that players of this nature have commonly and probably fairly, become known as “casino whores”.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements also known in some circles as “play-through” have to be met by players so that the casino may protect itself from flagrant bonus abuse. Remember that fairness works in both ways, if the casino is being fair to you by giving you free money to play at https://onlinekasino.me/, you have to return the fair favor. In other words, you are required to make cash bets and meet certain requirements before cashing out funds.

For example, you have accepted a $10 no-deposit bonus and you won money say $1000, and you want to cash this out. Hold on buster, wait a moment you actually owe some loyalty to the site which allowed you to win in the first place. So the wagering requirements are tied into 20 x first deposit wagering requirements. OK, but you haven’t made a deposit, so make a $10 deposit.

You can then use your winnings, or make more deposits to meet a 20 x $10 wagering requirement. Once you have spent this $200, the casino will release the withdrawal. Some casino games don’t count toward your wagering requirement, so hold on a minute again. You need to read the terms and conditions pertaining to bonuses before you even join a site. If they look favorable compared to other sites by all means join in the fun and games.

A word to the wise taking advantage of a no-deposit bonus will always inhibit your ability to withdraw winnings. It is my preference that a casino doesn’t offer these at all, although they are a good way to try a site. Casinos also often allow potential members to play in fun mode and games may be tried in this way. Ultimately the decision is yours and based on your needs, but the main thing is that you join an online casino to have fun, not encounter hassles. So always be aware that these bonuses are useful, but they have both ups and downs. Check out New Casino Bonus for great no-deposit bonus sites.